In the business environment is always changing, technology and knowledge are always new updates, the CMT solution is continuously updated features powerful new direction for the management and professionalism each day, even that each hour. It is the clearest proof of the value that customers receive from the quality of service and product ID.

The choice of management software similar to hiring a new employee.

Your success depends on recruiting the best staff and reliable.

This principle should also apply in finding solutions for enterprise software.

At CMT we focus on the advantage of free and open source software, to bring our customers real value at a low cost and high efficiency. We are working diligently every day, every hour, aims to become a provider of open source solutions leading in Vietnam and in the region.


The solution includes:

- Sales Management

- Highway Planning Body set

- Customer Relationship Management

- Human Resource Management


- Accounting

- Portal



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A little about us

With the youthful dynamism, combined with long years of experience and constant innovation, solutions and products of JSC Investment and Technology Development CMT will be more favorable to constantly improvement, diversification of products, solutions and provide better service to customers

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