Pulse, a comprehensive Open source IT systems management solution


Pulse is an open source software that simplifies IT asset management for enterprises of all sizes.

Designed to meet the challenges of IT professionals, Pulse can handle a few computers on a single site to 100,000+ computers spread over multiple sites with multi-OS such as Microsft Windows, Mac OSX, Unix and Linux.

1• Guaranteed open source solution

Based on open source, the IT Management Station guarantees you : 

• Flexibility & Liberty : Open source brings you interoperability and connectivity with your organization's existing infrastructure and platforms. Whats more, you've the liberty to adapt our solution to the demands of your users. 
• Transparency : You own the right to the source code to audit, understand and extend it to your specific needs. 
• Increased Security : Near zero vulnerability to viruses, reducing your time spent dealing with system administration.

2• Business gains

• Manage your IT systems with a comprehensive and robust solution that is competitively priced vs. proprietary solutions. 

• You benefit from incremental cost savings (5x to 10x). With added gains in conformity & productivity, the choice is simple!

3• Industry leading features

The IT Management Station is designed based on leading industry trends and comes packed with powerful industry leading features to help you manage your IT assets optimally and efficiently.

4• Ease of use

• IT Management Station’s strong emphasis on user simplicity means you benefit from a simple to use web interface with an intituitive dashboard for a quick glance of centralized information related to your IT assets.

• A self-installation CD facilitates access and remote control of new deployment. Your IT Management Station is up and running in a few minutes!